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Units 7 &9. Commercial Official Tower Number 37. Dr. Fatemi Street. Valiasr Street. Tehran. Iran

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Pendar kooshk Imen Company (PKI)

Pendar Kooshk Imen Co. has been established with the aim of enhancing level of security in Iran as well as localizing the relevant knowledge and science in field of security software and hardware. The major concentration of the company activities is on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). The company has proved to be strongly determined in fulfilling the goals by implementing large national projects. The company has covered all technical and scientific fields in this area, including electronic certificate, digital signature, cryptography, data security, smart card, as well as security hardware and tokens. PKI Co. is proud of producing variety of products in this field, for which it has received numerous awards and prizes from several national and international festivals for innovation and technopreneurship. All of the products have been approved and received necessary approvals from prestigious laboratories.

In designing all of our products, high quality and performance accuracy were of a particular importance and significance. We tried all our best to decrease clients’ costs, making something reliably cost- effective, particularly in our support department. All of our activities have been based on research, study and development. The company has now registered as a knowledge-based company and located in the Science and Technology Park of the University of Tehran. In addition to designing, producing, and offering technical systems and basic and fundamental products, the company could succeed to organize and conduct number of technical workshops, preparation of scientific articles and registration of several inventions in the field of public key infrastructure as well as digital signature. All of the products are locally produced and are covered with full technical support.

Applying all of our scientific and technical background, our support department has always attempted to offer the highest quality of services to our precious clients. Besides, the company is proud of using fully trained and professional workforce, automatic tools and mechanisms in responding to every single need of our customers, and of course based on a very fast and speedy responding manner.

We are always keeping ourselves up-to-date and not only work on designing and producing, but also to keep educating our staff in the field of security, cryptography, and public key infrastructure. That will not only improve our scientific level of knowledge among relevant experts and managers, but also will definitely lead us to design an exact architectural model in fully meeting the needs of our clients.

We do hope that the company activities will be an effective step towards serving our beloved nation accordingly.

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