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Fingerprint Scanner

  • Optical Scanner
  • PIV Standard
  • Resolution: 500 DPI
  • Window size: 17mm*22mm


Smart Card reader

  • CCID Compatible
  • ISO7810 ID-1 Standard
  • ISO7816 Standard
  • PC/SC Standard
  • R/W cards with class A, B, C
  • T=0 or T=1 protocol


Key pad interface

  • HID Compliance
  • Numeric Key )0 to 9(
  •  “CL”, “Enter” Keys
  • Sound button


Physical Characteristics

  • USB 2.0 compatible port
  • Dimensions:

                30(H) x 105(W) x 140(L) mm


Easy Deployment

  • Multi-platform:

All Windows (32/64bit)





  • Driverless Installation
  • Integration with PKI-Enabling Systems
  • Integration with NID Applications


All NID related applications in:

  • e-banking
  • e-government
  • e-communication
  • e-notarization
  • e-insurance
  • e-police

Bio Combo Reader, Bio-SCR + model

Bio Combo Reader is an Iranian product designed by experts of Pendar Kooshk Imen Company. This product consists of a standard HID-based keyboard, a standard CCID-based card reader, a fingerprint scanner with a PIV standard. The device does not need to install any drivers and does not require any installation on all operating systems: Windows, iOS, Linux, Android. With this product, you can provide all electronic services associated with the National smart card or smart card of the organization in the form of a single and all-in-one device.


Advantages of the Bio-SCR + Safety Module


Increased security and privacy

Password security is guaranteed by using the keypad and un-presenting the pin to the Operator. This will not allow the operator or the people around to be informed about the password, that they will not be aware of the password. that is a great importance point

Increase ease of usage

Integrated card reader, fingerprint scanner and keypad make it easy to use. So that the user faces only one device that is very easy to work with.

being economic

Combining multiple devices in one device has reduced the cost of production and is more economical than the purchase of a separate keypad, card reader, and so on.

Reduce complexity and programming time

Bio Combo Reader is designed entirely based on standards and runs on different operating systems without the need for any installation, and does not require programming with a particular SDK, which reduces the complexity and cost of developing and maintaining the program and device, and the development time of software

Ability to customize in short time

Due to the Domestic design and construction of the device, it is possible to customize it in a very short time in terms of designing or adding other capabilities that the user can request custom product according to his needs.

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